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A-B1: Salar Abdoh to Ted Bell B2: Alex Berenson to William Boyd
B3-C1: Randall Boyle to James Collins C2-D1: Barnaby Conrad to Michael Dobbs
D2-F1: Gaylord Dold to Brian Freemantle F2-G1: Nicci French to James Grippando
G2-H1: James Grippando to Robert Harris H2-K1: Raelynn Hillhouse to Gregg Keizer
K2-L1: Jack Kerley to José Latour L2-M1: Michael Lawson to Neil McMahon
M2-N1: Deon Meyer to H. T. Narea N2-P1: Stuart Nevill to Thomas Perry
P2: Thomas Perry to Henry Porter P3-R1: Henry Porter to Christopher Reich
R2: Luis Miguel Rocha to Greg Rucka R3-S1: Greg Rucka to James Siegel
S2: Daniel Silva to Anthony Strong S3-T-V1: J. N. Stroyar to Fred Vargas
V2-W1: Fred Vargas to Donald Westlake W2: Robin White to Robert Wilson
W3: David Wolstencroft to Stuart Woods