Andrews, Russell. Aphrodite. Mysterious. January 2004. c. 352p. ISBN 0-89296-784-6. $23.95. Fiction.

In Washington, D.C., an intern waiting to meet her married lover, a government official. In London, an internationally esteemed scientist rushes from a lecture hall to pick up an awestruck grad student. On Long Island, NY, a perky journalist has just messed up the facts in an old man’s obituary. All three are killed, but their deaths remain unconnected until small-town cop Justin Westwood starts investigating the journalist’s case. Westwood is unable to stop doubts from kindling the last flickers of his dormant professionalism—especially when the FBI shows up and a team of killers starts wiping out his witnesses—but he comes to regret his decision when he is set up. Now, solving the puzzle (which means unraveling a conspiracy that involves the government itself) becomes a matter of personal survival. Featuring great villains, an intriguing protagonist, and action as satisfying as a night with Aphrodite, Andrews’ third thriller (after Gideon and Icarus) is a seductive read from start to finish. Highly recommended.

LJ, 128, no. 20 (December 2003), 162.

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