Perry, Thomas. Poison Flower. A Jane Whitefield Novel. Mysterious Press: Grove/Atlantic. March 2012. c.288p. ISBN 978-0-8021-2605-4. $24.00. Fiction

Despite having promised her husband that she would retire, Jane Whitefield, the Senecan woman who helps abused women and other victims disappear, is drawn back to her calling by the case of James Shelby, an innocent man imprisoned for murdering his runaway wife. Jane engineers an ingenious escape and is soon on the run with Shelby. They are joined by a woman whose ex-husband is tracking her with deadly intent. On their trail are three goons, employed by a wealthy man who kills his sexual companions for kicks. The men capture and torture Jane, after which they intend to auction her off to the men she has harmed by her past heroics. But Jane, ever resourceful and always in touch with her tribe's spiritual roots, has other plans in mind. VERDICT Anyone who has read Perry knows the anticipatory pleasure that comes just from holding a new book with his name on the cover. Fans of Jane, last seen in Runner (2009), will enjoy this elegantly written tale of pursuit and revenge.

Library Journal, vol. 136, no. 20 (December 2011), 117.

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