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League of Shadows

There are certain betrayals for which there is no forgiveness.

• • •

Rome, 1943. Mussolini is in power. The German presence is growing. Every building has its warden, every street its leader, every quarter its district secretary. All activities are reported to district headquarters. All reports are forwarded to the National Directorate of the Fascist Party.

Thomas Gage, twenty-six years old, son of a former attaché in the U.S. Embassy, grew up in Rome. Now Gage is working for Colonel Donovan and the OSS.

His mission? Infiltrate the Fascist hierarchy. Verify the activities of the SS. Crack the files of the OVRA, Mussolini's secret police.

And his only contact is an eighteen-year-old girl.

Until two other agents join him, and everything goes bad . . .

Now, fifty years later, Gage has disappeared in the mountains of Colorado under mysterious circumstances, and the other two men, who also survived the war, are being hunted down by an unknown enemy.

Gage's grandson, Nick Ferron, an ex-cop, wants to know why. Using his grandfather's contacts, he begins to penetrate the past in a search for answers. Making his way from the Sonoran desert to Colorado, to South America and on to Europe, Ferron tracks down the men and women involved in the wartime mission that still ties the three secret agents to the spymaster who betrayed them all.