Storm Track

"Terpening is the next Ken Follett."
      — Suzy Smith, The Write Word (author of 30 books including The Afterlife Codes, The Book of James, and Ghost Writers in the Sky)

"There's nonstop action for Canadian commercial diver Derek Stone from the moment his oil-drilling platform off the North African coast is attacked by terrorists and his visiting wife becomes one of their victims. Vowing vengeance, Stone finds only frustration in his personal investigation until he makes contact with a former employer in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. A late-night rendezvous at sea almost costs Stone his life, but he begins to pick up a trail that leads, via many switchbacks, to an international business-man and underworld figure who manipulates national intelligence organizations for his own profit. Readers should enjoy the breathtaking pace of this suspense thriller, as well as its settings in Italy, Sicily, Malta, and Tunisia. Highly recommended.
      — William C. McCully, Library Journal