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The Turning

What do you get when you cross something like American Graffiti (only with a single protagonist), After Dark (except with a setting in the Oregon countryside rather than New York), and The Catcher in the Rye (but with a more naive, romantic protagonist who ends up at dawn, not like Holden watching his sister Phoebe on a carrousel, but at the top of a Ferris Wheel with a girl named Colleen at the county fair)? You get The Turning, a young-adult novel that every adult will love as well.

A novel

  • that the New York Public Library placed on its list of “the best of the previous year’s publishing for teenagers”

  • that School Library Journal said is “a touching tale . . . that will find a wide audience” with “characters that are believable and well developed”

  • that the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association selected for their “Young Adult Top Forty” list

  • that Appleton Wisconsin High School selected for their “Top Fifteen Books of the Year”