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Cloud Cover by Ron Terpening

Cloud Cover

by Ron Terpening

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Publication Date: eBook and Hardcover: August 15, 2013

by Ron Terpening,
author of the thrillers Storm Track, League of Shadows, Tropic of Fear and Nine Days in October

In 1984, a NATO agent in Trieste, aided by a Canadian spy, tries to thwart a madman’s plot to change the fate of Europe.

“incredibly entertaining and thrilling”
—Amy Lignor, Suspense Magazine (,
author of The Sapphire Storm: Tallent & Lowery Book Two
[review forthcoming]

“A fabulous writer”
—Brad Thor,
National Bestselling Author of Black List

May 1984. Marshal Tito, authoritarian president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, has been dead for four years. During his life, his powerful hand kept the state from disintegrating, but now the stability of the nation is at risk …
      A Yugoslav military attaché defects in Ottawa. Before the Canadians can interrogate him, he is assassinated.
      In Trieste, Italy, someone is eliminating NATO agents. Michael Higgins, their case officer, is warned by a Canadian spy, Fae Avadek, that he has a traitor in his network. Suddenly, Higgins is running for his life, framed for the murder of one of his contacts. Pursued by an unknown enemy, he falls in love with Fae, whose violent past figures in their search for answers.
      Vitali Alferyev, KGB station chief in Belgrade, has been recalled to Moscow, where his superior orders him to withdraw all covert operatives from the sector between Rijeka and Ljubljana. Alferyev’s search for the reason leads him into a deadly conflict with a GRU agent operating in the area.
      In the Yugoslav mountains, where Croatian terrorists, KGB spies, and NATO agents play out the final violent moves in a dangerous game to change the fate of Europe, Higgins and Avadek must sift through layers of deceit and treachery in their attempt to thwart an enemy whose tentacles stretch from the East to the West, from the past to the present.