The Turning

"Set in the 1960s in a small town in Oregon, this quiet story is a touching tale about a teenager caught between adolescence and manhood. The plot develops consistently throughout the evening, and the characters are believable and well developed. This well-written story conveys the seriousness of the issues and will find a wide audience."

—Karen Hoth, School Library Journal

"This novel is too good to be just for teens! The apparent simplicity veils a formal complexity that will appeal to adults, which is why I liked it!"

—Monique Wittig, the late feminist literary critic and author of Les Guérillères, The Opoponax, Across the Acheron, The Lesbian Body, The Straight Mind, and winner of the Prix Medicis

"A superb story with a terrific theme, beautifully structured"

—Stephen Mertz, pulp fiction master, author of Blood Red Sun, Sudden Death (the novelization of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie), the Stone M.I.A. Hunter series, the Cody's Army series, Nightwind, Fade to Tomorrow, and over twenty other novels

"I, too, fell in love with Colleen, the aura in the moonlight. She is not only the dazzling light burning in every boy's mind; she is every man's dream. . . . Anyone who remembers being young will love this book. I literally couldn't put the book down."

—Gerard Agniéray, the late French poet, winner of the Prix du Consul de Belgique and Première Mention, Prix Jules Laforgue, Grand Prix 77 du Poème, Cercle Française de Poésie, Paris

"Brims with a fullness of life so intense that the heart fills with joy and the mind with marvel"

—Paolo Valesio, Italian poet and novelist, author of L'Ospedale di Manhattan, Il regno doloroso, La rosa verde, and winner of the Premio Marzotto

"Exuberant story telling!"

—Rob West, young-adult novelist, author of The Colossus of Richard O'Leary